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I’m sure it’s no surprise to you that I would be super into Valentine’s Day. I love any excuse to celebrate love and of course, give gifts. Even if you aren’t in a relationship and want to celebrate an important friendship, this day can still be fun and special. My favorite Valentine’s Day was always the first one I spent with my husband in our first apartment. I woke up and there were dozens of red balloons, roses and a bag full of goodies. He even got up early to run and get my favorite Starbucks drink .         Ah, young love.

A Winter Weekend Part 2

I am keeping this post short and sweet since I already filled you in on our mini mountain vacation last week. This is another look from day two up in the mountains. I LOVE this jacket and will use any excuse to wear it. It’s definitely on the pricier side, but I scored this as a trade on a designer Facebook group! This is my absolute favorite coat in my closet and not only is it the perfect shade of pink but it’s unbelievably soft and warm. I have linked this jacket as well as the rest of my outfit below. Happy Shopping!

A Winter Weekend

Brrrr….This weekend we took a spur of the moment trip to see Grandparents up near Yosemite. Since it snowed all week, we wanted to get a trip in before it all melts away.  Anyone with kids knows how fun dragging them out of bed early and packing the car full is. We had to drop our key off at my friends house since she was going to check in on our dog. Literally five minutes into our 3 hour drive, we pull up to her house and our 7 year old asks if we are there yet. “There” as in our final destination. Insert “This is going to be so much fun. I’m being super sarcastic” emoji. Luckily we only had to stop once more for food, gas and a quick trip to Walmart for the forgotten sippy cups for our 2 year old. Winter Wonderland, here we come!

Military Style Jackets

One trend I am thrilled is back is the military jacket and this Rank and Sugar jacket is my favorite for a variety of reasons! I had come across this company on Instagram a few months before I began writing my first blog, Scolimom. They take old vintage Army jackets and turn them into chic fashion forward jackets with an edge that have inspirational quotes embroidered on them by hand. You can accessorize with rabbit fur collars and pockets or cute wrist bands.

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