Welcome to CCG

Hi, I’m April, the editor of Champagne Colored Glasses which serves as an outlet for creativity and inspiration.  A word play on rose-colored glasses, this daily blog focuses on fashion and beauty as well as home and travel. My goal is to empower and give confidence to the every day woman while looking through a pair of champagne colored glasses.

I currently reside in the Bay Area of California with my husband, Neil, and our four adorable children. When I am not chasing after them, I spend my time teaching ballet at my studio, enjoying the occasional date night with the hubby, and doing some serious online shopping while sipping my fav champagne. Blogging has become a new passion of mine and I hope that the love and enjoyment shows through with each post I write. What started out as an online diary to vent my anxiety and frustrations in Scolimom, made me quickly realized how much I loved writing and helping people. CCG, although different, carries the same theme of a woman finding her voice and being comfortable in her own skin. I genuinely hope you find this site entertaining and relatable and sometimes even humorous.