White Lace Mini Dress

I am taking you back to the day I visited Ravenswood Historical Site in Livermore, Ca. My post, here, gives you a glimpse at the beautiful scenery outside and around the property. While this look, was shot for the most part indoors in the main house, which shows off how old and nostalgic the interior really is. I love the intricate tile details and wooden fireplace. It really does feel like you are escaping to a different time; a time more relaxing and peaceful.

Featured Item:

When you enter the house, you are hit with tones of yellow and brown with large open windows that are adorned by white lace curtains. The floor tiles coincidently matched my shoes which was a fun detail as well. It’s quiet and quaint inside giving a more intimate feel and when you look out the windows, you see the most amazing view of the hills covered in green vineyards. It’s magical.


I am always searching for a new white dress for the Spring and so glad this caught my eye. It’s less than $100! I was really impressed with the quality of the fabric and how it’s not see through like one might think. I will say, since it is an open back and if you are like me, you will need one of those silicone nubs to help hold the girls up. Another large reason I chose this dress is for the open back. Like I have mentioned before, I am drawn to more styles that show off the backside. Since surgery and learning to live with an 18 inch scar down my back, I have come to love what it stands for and am not afraid to show it off. It shows the journey I have been on and the journey I still have left to live.

I am a sucker for large statement earrings and these are no exception. Not only are these beautifully beaded, but the color is an amazing shade of turquoise. They come in a variety of colors, 2 of which I had to make part of my own collection. They are quite heavy, however, I use a miracle product easily available on Amazon that helps hold the weight of the earrings up and prevents stretching of the ear lobes. Click here for more info and to purchase them on amazon. Sometimes if I know the earrings are SUPER heavy, I double up on the backings to keep them in place even better.

Outfit Details:

Dress  |  Endless Rose and (here)

Earrings  |  Kenneth Jay Lane

Sandals  |  Salvatore Ferragamo



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