The 90’s Comeback-Overalls

Overalls, the childhood staple, have made a comeback. I will admit, I was not on board completely at first, but when I came across this updated Levi’s pair, I said sign me up.

Lately, it seems quite a few trends from my teenage years are coming back into play and not all of them excite me. However,  I slowly warmed up to the idea of overalls and I am so glad I did. Sure my 12 and 7 year old think I am dorky for wearing them. My 7 year old daughter actually told me I looked ridiculous. Although, I think if you find a pair that has been updated with a more modern take and has some new detail to make them unique,  go for it. I had my eye on a couple pairs but this one ultimately stood out for me the most and I love the way they fit! They are high waisted with 3 different zipper details and the slightest of flare at the hem. Child’s play no longer, this 90’s comeback is super versatile.

I am all for a nautical themed look especially as it approaches Spring and Summer. Here, I paired my overalls with a basic navy and white stripe tee. I also wore a cute silk neck scarf, navy blazer and some yellow Gucci flats. I really love the look of blues and yellows together.

I have actually worn these overalls quite a few times. Yesterday I wore them with a white eyelet button up which was equally as cute. I really don’t think you can go wrong with these things. Well, except flannel. Don’t ever wear them with flannel unless you are trying to channel your inner farmer.

These overalls are almost sold out online but you could probably cold call and find a pair in a store. Do it! They are that amazing. I have also listed links to everything I am wearing below as well as a few other pairs I love just as much below the picture gallery.

Overalls  |  Levi’s

Top  |  J. Crew

Jacket  |  Burberry

Scarf  |  J. Crew

Shoes  |  Gucci

Bag  |  Louis Vuitton


  1. Shelby Evans | 17th Mar 17

    Yes girl! I love this combo. Also that pop of color with your yellow flats is brilliant. 🙂

  2. Stephania04 | 13th Nov 17

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