My Daily Haircare Regimen

Today on CCG, I am talking about my favorite haircare products that I am using right now. So many of you continuously ask me about what I use on my hair. Since it has been a hot minute that I have done a beauty post, I figured now was a great time to let you in on my tips and tricks for healthy haircare. I have listed everything I am currently using on my hair, including how I use it below.

The Riddler, San Francisco

I love when Neil and I can get away for a few hours to explore a new part of San Francisco we haven’t yet been to. It’s especially fun when it’s just us and the theme of our trip is to visit a champagne bar! It’s incredible that being the champagne lover that I am, I have never actually been to a bar specifically for champagne. When I came across The Riddler, online, I instantly knew we must immediately go there, and fast!

Valentines Day Gift Guide For Her

With Valentines Day approaching with what seems to be at warp speed, I figured it was time to do a post on all my favorite items for that special someone in your life; whether it be your Mom, a good friend or even yourself, etc. What I love about my gift guide this year, is that literally ALL the items are available at the same store! Yup, here’s your one stop shop for all things Valentines Day.

5 Tips to kick start your new year

Ever feel like you are stuck in a rut; whether it be a relationship, work, blogging, etc? Do you ever feel like a hamster continuously spinning on a wheel which never actually moves you forward? Do you ever feel burnt out? I am here to say I totally feel you! In fact, I definitely have my moments where I feel like I am not going anywhere. Is all this hard work a waste of time? Let’s team up and hit that reset button together and get a productive start to the new year like a boss, shall we? I have compiled my list of to-do’s to start this year off right!

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