Cherry Picking in Brentwood

One activity our family enjoys doing together is fruit picking out in Brentwood at the local farms. Cherries, peaches, strawberries, apples, you name it, we will pick it! Last month, it was the beginning of cherry season and so we loaded the kids in the car and found the perfect cherry farm off the main road that hadn’t been touched by the hoards of people who all had the same idea in mind that day.

If you are looking for a fun activity for the whole family to enjoy that is rather inexpensive and quite delicious, then look no further. It truly is a fun family day when we go fruit picking and all four of our kids love partaking in it.

We picked about ten pounds of cherries and called it a day. Once we got home, my husband started the BBQ while I made an amazing cherry pie. Which by the way, is actually very very easy to make! It was the perfect end to the perfect day.

This weekend, we plan to find a peach farm. Peaches are my absolute favorite fruit and they are so much better when picked straight from the tree. This time since it has been so hot here, we plan to leave extra early to beat the crowd and the heat. When I watch the kids and my husband together doing activities like this, it really melts my heart. So much of the week is wrapped up in work, and school etc that when we get to spend time together doing something we all love to do, it’s really special. These memories are ones I hope they remember fondly.

Outfit Details:

Top  |  Whit

Pants  |  Zara (similar) (and skirt version)

Hat  |  Eugenia Kim (ivory ribbon) 

Shoes  |  J. Crew (majorly on sale)

Earrings  |  Baublebar (also worn here)



  1. Kristin | 29th Jun 17

    How fun! I wish we had cherries to pick around here. Super jealous! 🙂 Loveee your print/pattern mixing with this look. Happy Thursday!


  2. Samantha | 29th Jun 17

    Your outfit is so cute! I love this hat on you 🙂

  3. Devon Butler | 29th Jun 17

    You have incredibly style, the way you mixed these prints is so amazing. Love this outfit 🙂

    xx Devon

  4. Krystal Spiegler | 30th Jun 17

    Your outfit is amazing. I love those Gingham pants!

  5. Courtney Violet Bentley | 30th Jun 17

    those are some bright, vibrant, beautiful cherries! you are quite lovely in that outfit too!

    Courtney Bentley ||

  6. Natassja | 30th Jun 17

    What a fun family activity! Your outfit is amaze, too 😀

  7. Azanique Rawl | 30th Jun 17

    This looks so fun girl! I love your outfit

    – xo, Azanique |

  8. Debbie Savage | 30th Jun 17

    Okay, you are an ultimate beauty! You are looking so good while you work!
    xo Debbie |

  9. Rachel | 30th Jun 17

    This looks like so much fun! I would love to go an do this for a day. Love your cherry picking outfit, too!

    xo Rachel |

  10. Alyssa | 6th Jul 17

    These photos are stunning and it sounds like so much fun!!

    Alyssa ||

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