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This year for 4th of July, we spent the day at the county fair. We woke up bright and early to try and make it there before it became too crowded and too hot. The last time we were here, I was pregnant with Nicky. How fast time flies.

Featured Item:

There are two things I love about the fair; fried food and seeing the psychic.  This year not only did I pick up some fried artichokes, but I found a stand that made lobster corndogs. Yes…..lobster corndogs. I will eat anything with seafood and this intrigued me. Can’t say I will ever order it again, but it wasn’t too bad.

When ever we go to a festival or fair, I always try to find the psychic booth to have my palms read. I like to compare between different psychics and see if they are similar. This is something I began doing when I was pregnant with my 8 year old and it has become a tradition ever since. Some of the readings I have received over the years have been spot on. Although I do it for fun, I find it pretty interesting that what they end up saying it pretty accurate.

After walking around the booths and letting the kids go to the petting zoo, we made our way over to the carnival rides. It melts my heart to see the smiles on our childrens faces. Will, my 4 year old, climbed up three flights of stairs to do the crazy slide all by himself. I could not stop laughing! The last time I brought them, I had the older 3 take pictures while riding the pony ride. This time, I had Nicky get his picture taken on the horse to add to my collection. It truly was the sweetest thing. Although it was hot and it started to become packed with people, I live for moments like this. Watching your children experience these things and having fun is what life is all about. I am so lucky to have four adorable and amazing children even if they drive me up a wall most days of the week. Wink wink.

I have listed all of the details to my look below. The dress is under $100 and as well as the boots! These sunglasses are my new favorite! They are also on serious sale! The white may be sold out, but it comes in a pretty tortoise shell color as well. I honestly love every part of this look and can mix and match many of these pieces to create new and fun outfits. And how about this tote?!?! Reese Witherspoon has a new line called Draper James and I can see myself wearing every article of clothing in that store! It has a very southern belle vibe and I’m totally cool with that! This tote is super spacious and can definitely fit everything a mom of 4 needs.

Outfit Details:

Dress  |  English Factory

Jacket  |  Current Elliott

Boots  |  Roper

Tote  |  Draper James

Sunglasses  |  Raen  (white not on sale here) (Sale here)

Scarf  |  B.P 


  1. Arianne Chavasse | 13th Jul 17

    Love your outfit,makes me wanna wear my Summer Dress too 😍


  2. Gisel | 13th Jul 17

    I am GUSHING over this outfit!! You are werking those boots!

    Gisel |

  3. Tiffany Schmoyer | 13th Jul 17

    Perfect patriotic look hun!! That bag definitely steals the show, so cute!


  4. Leah | 13th Jul 17

    SUCH a cute outfit! I’m obsessed with Reese Witherspoon and her Draper James stores, so needles to say I love that tote!!

    x – Leah

  5. Dina | 13th Jul 17

    I absolutely adore those booties! And this outfit is so cute!!

  6. Mandy | 13th Jul 17

    This outfit is soooooooo cute!! love it babe, great job!

  7. Karissa | 13th Jul 17

    So I think I need that tote, so cute! And so funny about the psychics, I used to go to one but she gave me drastically different readings each time I went so I gave up LOL

  8. Nancy | 14th Jul 17

    Such an adorable 4th of July outfit!!

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