Pink Gingham Skirt

I am lagging on my blogging duties. The last few weeks have been chaotic. The kids started school, Neil and I went away for a little 3 day vacation and my ballet school began it’s Fall session. To say I am behind on everything is an understatement.

This week, I worked on a campaign with Reebok for their classic leather shoes. If you haven’t checked out my post, please do so, here. I am so thrilled to have worked with another big name brand and I have a few more exciting things coming soon.

Besides working my behind off in every which way, life is pretty good right now. I am still in physical therapy and riding a bike down in Palm Springs proved to be rather difficult. However, after we came home from our mini trip, I bought my own bike because I am determined to feel normal again somehow and work at it. I can’t wait for you to see that blog post! Palm Springs was amazing and HOT, but amazing nonetheless. It’s always a treat to spend alone time with my husband.

This past week was a record breaking week in the heat department. 106 in San Francisco is just crazy! I think that is what contributed to my lagging as well. Something about extreme heat just makes you lazy and tired.

I paired this favorite white top of mine with a pink gingham skirt. I have been obsessed with gingham all season and when I found this, I knew I had to have it. This hat by Preston & Olivia is easily one of my new favorites as well. I also wore it wine tasting with a salmon eyelet dress that you will see on the blog soon as well.

Stay tuned for some really fun blog posts coming up. Also, anything you want me to blog about or interested to know? I am totally looking for what my readers want to hear next.

Outfit Details:

Top  |  Sea New York

Skirt  |  J.O.A

Shoes  |  Joie

Hat  |  Preston & Olivia

Bag  |  Free People


  1. Monika | 5th Sep 17

    Love this skirt April! I love how the pink is so light! Beautiful photos too!

  2. Courtney Bentley | 5th Sep 17

    wow! congrats on promoting such a huge brand! loveeeee everything Pink so this is a winner for me! you totally rocked this look diva!

    Courtney Bentley ||

  3. Jennifer | 5th Sep 17

    Such a pretty pink skirt. You look amazing!! Such a great post after feeling like you’re lagging – I def know that feeling!

    xo Jen ||

  4. Emily Soto | 5th Sep 17

    This skirt is so pretty! I love the photos!

  5. Gabbi Hall | 5th Sep 17

    You look like a modern Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. Such a cute look!

  6. Kat | 5th Sep 17

    SO chic!! I love this look…perfect for pre-fall!

  7. Natassja | 5th Sep 17

    Such a cute look and beautiful pictures!
    Hope you had a fun weekend!

  8. emily maric | 5th Sep 17

    I absolutely love this skirt and how you styled it with a straw hat and a basket. I would love to see more looks like this one. Thanks for sharing xo, Emily

  9. fashNcurious | 5th Sep 17

    Your top is to die for! Love it!

  10. Jen Pilchak | 5th Sep 17

    Great skirt and gorgeous shoot! Congrats on working with Reebok!

  11. Jasper | 7th Sep 17

    Such amazing pieces and that skirt is one of my favorites!

  12. Hannah | 14th Sep 17

    You look amazing in everything but this pink skirt is SO gorgeous!! It couldn’t be more April! All these photos are so stunning!

  13. patricia | 1st Oct 17

    Love the fabric of this pink skirt, it’s totally perfect for this fall season weather! i Love the gingham style and love how you put this whole look together!

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