Make-Up Monday….. My 5 Minute Morning Routine

I have created a new segment on Champagne Colored Glasses called Make-Up Mondays. Every week, I plan to feature a product I use that I love or something I have on my wish list, etc. On a daily basis, I am asked numerous questions about what beauty products I use and how I look so put together. Sometimes, I want to laugh out loud because my morning routine is anything but organized and put together. After getting four kids dressed, three ready for school , lunches made and packing the diaper bag, I have roughly 10 minutes to get myself out of pajamas and ready for the day. I need something quick and easy to take me from the Mombie(you know, mom plus zombie), and get me looking presentable. Today, I am sharing with you what I use each morning.

The first thing I apply with a Shiseido foundation brush is my Dior AirFlash primer and AirFlash foundation in 201. I originally purchased this foundation when I was looking for something new to wear for a wedding. I instantly fell in love with it and have been using it ever since. Sometimes, if I am really in a hurry, I skip the primer. I do feel like when I use the primer, my wrinkles are less noticeable and that is always a plus. So, if I can squeeze that extra 30 seconds in, this mama will do it. I also really like the color selection with the AirFlash.

Once that sets, I use my FAVORITE cover up stick by Cle De Peau in ivory to get under my eyes and any blemishes I may have that day. Seriously, when is that going to end? I am approaching 34 and still get zits every once in a while. I don’t remember my Mom ever having any of those when she was my age and here I am still needing a product to cover them up like I am a teenager. Anyway, this product is awesome and one stick lasts me close to a year.

I am one of those women who wear blush. I think it gives a nice boost to your complexion and adds a little color to your face. I currently use one by Dior that gives a nice light pink color and smells like roses. No joke, like roses!

I use Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow pomade in soft brown with an angle brush very lightly to fill in my brows. I have learned as I have gotten older, that having a strong brow actually works really well for me. I use it sparingly though and remember, I don’t have much time, so its a quick dip and swipe.

We are almost done! The next two products I use when we are all in the car. If I had the extra minute at home, I would totally do my mascara there, but most of the time, I stick the tube in my pocket and scurry out to the car. I hope my husband is not reading this. He would probably have a conniption knowing I do this while driving, but I promise I do it only at stop signs or stop lights! Insert winking emoji. Mascara is the one beauty product I would take if stranded on a deserted island. I have tried hundreds over the years, but I am really loving the DiorShow Extase in 090. I have fairly long curly eyelashes and never have a problem finding a mascara that works well for me but this one also boosts the volume of my eyelashes really well and it stays put all day without giving me raccoon eyes.

The last thing I do is put on a non tinted chapstick by Fresh. I posted about it, here, as well, but in a tinted version.

Of course, some days, I will choose to add an eyeshadow, or lipstick or paint a cat eye with eye liner for a more dramatic look. I also have a nice highlighter I love by Nars but this is my go-to quick daily morning routine that gets me out the door looking put together. Some days, if I am just doing a short Target trip or running errands, I will leave with a little blush and mascara. My husband, of course, thinks I look best without make-up on. Bless his heart.


  1. Lena | 7th Mar 17

    I love your last line. It made me laugh.My husband thinks I look the best without any make up too…..blessed his heart. I’m sure you do but definitely not me! !!!!

  2. Katie | 8th Mar 17

    I use and love Fresh’s lip balm too! I’ve been perfecting my 5 minute face recently after starting a more time consuming job, so this post totally spoke to me. Realistic makeup routines is where it’s at!

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