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Plaid Midi Skirt

This week in the Bay Area, it has been a record high in the heat department. I am currently being held captive by my air conditioner to beat the heat indoors. Yesterday, the kids and I went and saw Cars 3 not just for the movie, but for the air conditioning! Let’s hope this heat wave comes and goes sooner rather than later.

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A Day at Ghirardelli Square

Last weekend, my husband and I spent our first day and night away from the kids since my surgery last July. My surgery traumatized my four year old so badly that he had refused to spend anytime away from Neil or me. We have made several attempts over the last few months to leave for short periods of time with little success. This time, I bought the 400 count pack of water balloons from Costco and had a pep talk and sent him over to Grandma and Grandpa’s hoping it would go smoothly. Our destination of choice, Ghirardelli Square.

The Perfect Tea Party

A few weeks ago,  I took my daughters on a picnic up in the foothills of Pleasanton. The girls were especially excited about this as we put on fun floral dresses and skirts and headed out to find that perfect picnic spot.

Denim Mini Dress

When we took a trip into Sunol for wine tasting, we fell upon a charming and quaint  church called “The Little Brown Church”. The flower filled courtyard and scenery surrounding it, drew us in. I just had to stop and take some pictures. You will not find a lovelier little church in this area.

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