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Post Christmas Sale Guide

I sure do love Christmas time. I love shopping and buying gifts for the ones I love and playing Santa Claus for my kids. After all of the excitement for this one special day, it comes and goes and you are left with a home that looks like a bomb went off inside. Toys are everywhere. Parts to these tiny little toys Santa so generously brought are already missing from it’s designated boxes. Yesterday, I found a chocolate Santa head stuck to my carpet under the ottoman. Just the head……. I am not sure which kid secretly ate the body under there, but it doesn’t matter. Their smiles on Christmas made all of the shopping, hours of wrapping and cleaning up the aftermath worth it. Now it’s my turn, Mama likes the post-Christmas sales and what Mama wants, Mama gets.

The Perfect PJs

One thing I love about this colder weather is cozying up in my favorite pajamas, drinking my coffee by the fire and smelling the fresh scent of our Christmas tree. If you were to knock on my door out of the blue in the middle of the day, you would probably find me sporting one of my many pairs of funky flannel pjs. Can’t pajamas be an acceptable fashion statement too?

My Favorite Winter Scarves

T-Minus 6 days until Christmas! Is everyone prepared and ready? I definitely have plenty more Christmas shopping to do, although I did make a dent in wrapping some presents yesterday. The month of December is beyond busy for me. All three boys birthdays fall in December, my ballet school performs, we go to Disneyland and of course Christmas for four kids is enough to make you go crazy. Somehow, I also have to make cookies for our neighbors and finish up Christmas dinner grocery shopping. One thing, I openly welcome during this time of year is getting out all of my favorite Winter scarves to keep me warm in the cold weather. This year, I have quite a few new ones that I grab as I am walking out the door to run errands.

Holidays in San Francisco with Talbots

I have always wanted to spend the weekend after Thanksgiving in San Francisco. Living so close and quite the shopoholic, , you would think I had done this plenty of times before. Sure, I have woken up at 4 am for Black Friday and ran through the stores in search of that special bargain. Hey, one year, I even spent Thanksgiving dinner in a 4 hour line at Best Buy for a TV for my husband (he was at work all day and thoroughly surprised on Christmas). However, this year, Neil and I decided, okay, more like I begged my husband, to spend the night in the city just the two of us and boy was it fun!

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