Holiday Champagne Cocktails

Who doesn’t love a cold bubbly glass of champagne during the Holidays? Or every Saturday for that matter?Are you raising your emoji hand? It’s no surprise that my favorite alcoholic beverage is champagne. Years ago, when I would go wine tasting with friends, I wasn’t very keen on any of the red or white wines we would taste. I needed something chilled and sparkling to wet my whistle. Champagne was the perfect solution. I have since broadened my tasting palette to include whites and reds but my love for champagne will never be matched! This Holiday season, I decided to list six easy champagne cocktail recipes for the next six weeks of the Holiday fun.

I rounded up some of my favorite bottles of champagne including Cupcake Prosecco which is from a local winery here in Livermore, called Concannon. I think this one is perfect for all of these simple recipes although I have used Rubino and Ruby Hills sparkling wine as well (both local). If you are looking for a cheap bottle of sparkling wine that doesn’t break the bank but is also good, try Barefoot Bubbly.

1. Sparkling Julep

Ingredients you will need:

Cupcake Prosecco

Sugar Cubes

Fresh Mint Leaves

Sip on this refreshing fizzy take on a mint julep. It’s so easy, you can’t go wrong. Once you pour your glass of champagne, drop in a sugar cube and a sprig of mint and voilá!

2. Cranberry Champagne Cocktail

Ingredients you will need:

1 oz Cranberry Juice

1 Wedge Lime



Now if this isn’t the perfect drink for Thanksgiving and Christmas, I don’t know what is! In a champagne flute, add the cranberry juice and a squeeze of lime. Top of the glass with champagne and garnish with 4-5 cranberries.

3. Pear Mimosa

Ingredients you will need:

1 tbsp. Pear Puree ( tip: get a gerber pear only baby food)


Pear slice

Pear puree on its own can be quite thick. However, when mixed with champagne it has a smooth delightful consistency. Scoop in the pear puree and add the champagne. I, then, garnish with a pear slice on the rim.

4. Pomegranate Mimosa

Ingredients you will need:

1 oz Sweetened Pomegranate Juice


Pomegranate seeds

Rosemary Sprig

This one is super pretty to look at AND delicious to drink. In the glass, fill 1/4 of the way with pomegranate juice and top off with champagne. Add in pomegranate seeds for garnish as well as a long rosemary sprig. Tell me this doesn’t look amazing, I dare you!

5. Raspberry Cooler

Ingredients you will need:

Raspberry sorbet



Raspberries are one of my favorite fruits and my flavor of choice when I order mojitos. So, its only natural I felt the need to add a raspberry champagne drink to the mix. It imparts a fresh lively flavor with the prettiest rose color. Put one teaspoon of raspberry sorbet in the champagne flute and fill with champagne. Stir it until it’s well mixed and add raspberries to the top as garnish. It’s truly delightful!

6. Apple Cider Mimosa

Ingredients you will need:

2 oz of Apple Cider



Sugar (brown and granulated)

Apple slice

Ok folks, this was my FAVORITE one we made. If you are going to test out any of these, you must try this one! First, mix the cinnamon, brown sugar and sugar together in a small dish. Next, take another small dish and add water only. Take your flute glass and dip it in the water gently and then into the sugar mixture and twirl it around until the whole rim is coated. Add in the apple cider and then fill with champagne. I used an apple slice for garnish. So yummy and definitely a drink you can make all through the Fall season into Winter.

If you decide to make any of these quick and easy champagne drinks, please let me know how you liked them. I would love to know which ones everyone preferred. I also linked my look down below since so many of you were interested in this scarf and even the boots from my Instagram post. The boots are old, however, I found an almost identical pair on sale PLUS 30% off right now! Take advantage of that Black Friday deal. I hope everyone fills there bellies with plenty of amazing food and drinks for Thanksgiving and has a happy holiday.

Next week, I will have some awesome posts coming up. I have rounded up some of my favorite pajamas for the cold weather season as well as a fabulous collaboration with Talbots! Make sure to email subscribe so you don’t miss a post!

Outfit Details:

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  1. Dafrastar | 22nd Nov 17

    I feel like you majorly upgraded me and made me feel more worldly- I had no idea champagne cocktails existed outside of mimosas. I have fresh cranberries handy (because Thanksgiving), so I may just give the cranberry one a try! Thanks for sharing, and it is hilarious that baby puree can help make a cocktail lol

  2. Renee | 22nd Nov 17

    Oh my goodness these look delicious!! I love champagne cocktails, and the raspberry one sounds really good! Also, you look absolutely amazing and your kitchen is gorgeous. Have a happy thanksgiving!

  3. Amber S. | 22nd Nov 17

    Thank you so much for sharing these recipes! They look amazing. I love mimosas so I’m sure these will be right up my alley! 😘

    Amber S. |

  4. ana | 22nd Nov 17

    WOW! I definitely need to try this! I love your scarf by the way!

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Love, Ana

  5. Nuria Rose | 23rd Nov 17

    omg! I will definitely save this post , I love all your recipes. Thank you for sharing ^_~

  6. Lydia D'Antonio | 23rd Nov 17

    Yes! Definitely saving this for after I have my baby!! Can’t wait to have champagne again!!


  7. fashNcurious | 27th Nov 17

    Beautiful pictures! Lovely drink recipes. Can I make them non-alcoholic?

  8. Brenda | 1st Dec 17

    Can’t waitto try a couple of these. Thanks April 😘

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