A Spring Trend-The Cactus

One Spring trend I am totally excited about is the cactus! Everywhere I turn, I see beautiful cactus prints for clothing, accessories, jewelry and even wall art. Check out the tips below to help mix in some of these awesome pieces into your already existing wardrobe or home decor. 

Ravenswood And The Color Block Skirt

A couple of weeks ago, we spent the morning at Ravenswood, a historical site, here in Livermore. I have always loved visiting this place and someday plan to possibly host our renewal of vows there…..someday. The entire property is beyond gorgeous. We were able to explore inside the main house that exudes this amazing retro feel as well as the acres of lush garden and trees this property provides. We did not venture into the vineyards for fear my shoes would end up mud blocks since it had rained earlier in the week. Just another excuse to make another trip there soon.

Nautical Sailor Pants

The last week has been a crazy week for me and I am behind on getting my posts out. I had my 8 month spine surgery appointment, followed by sick kids and the house being painted. With a family of six, each day is filled with things to do, places to go, messes to constantly be cleaned up. As chaotic as it can be, I sometimes feel like I excel during stressful times with a mountain of responsibilities. A break here and there wouldn’t hurt though, right?

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Almond Orchards and Eyelet

Well today was anything but glamorous. I am currently cleaning barf out of my hair. I know, not too fashionable right? While driving my kids to school this morning, Nicky began to choke and turn purple. I immediately pulled over to the side of the highway, without thinking, jumped out of the car and ran around to his side to then unbuckle and lift him out over my knee. He proceeded to throw up all over me, the car, himself, etc. I freaking hate when my kids choke on anything. It’s hands down the scariest few minutes of a parents life.

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